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We have only been moved into our ranch for a couple of months, so I am not quite ready to show the full space, but, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite decor pieces as we put them in!  A little background on our home, it was built in 1870 by hand with limestone.  The outer walls are 2.5′ thick, beautiful old hard wood floors, and lots of historic character….you guys, I LOVE my house!!!  Its the most amazing dream come true and I give all of the Glory to God for brining us to this beautiful place that our hearts so longed for.  So I wanted to go with a southwest “ranchy” feel, ha, don’t think thats a word, but you get what I mean.  So here are a few of my favs I have added so far:


I found this Texas star in a cute little antique store around where I live.  I have an identical larger one on the front of our house, its just screams ranch right?!


Ok, two things in this image, the fabulous navajo blanket I found at the same cute place that I got the metal texas stars…these blankets are hard to find, but I loved the colors and it was super inexpensive, yay!  Then the ladder…there are a lot of these sold at the fun shops that sell old stuff and refinish furniture…but they tend to be expensive, like $60+, but guess what…I made this one for under $10, wahoo!!  Now I wouldn’t climb on it, but it sure does make a mean blanket holder ❤


I am still trying to decide on a  name for our fine longhorn friend up on our wall.  I sure love his companionship on my long lonely nights up editing.  Found this awesome canvas at Kirklands really affordable and I love him 🙂


to match my fine longhorn friend, I found these fuzzy faux cowhide pillows at World Market My kids love to cuddle up and watch movies with them!


You can’t decorate a home with out at least one thing from Ikea right?!  Well…Ok I have more than one thing from Ikea…I mean, have you been to that store??  They don’t let you out, you are stuck in there for hours, so you have to buy something to keep yourself sane! lol, well maybe not, but I love my native style rug I got there!


This woven bowl I found again at the same little antique place as the metal texas star, and navajo blanket!  Yep, I had to have it to put on my rustic wood coffee table!


Last but not least…I hope you can see them in my tiny picture, Longhorns!  We have arched doorways in our home, so I immediately thought I had to have longhorns hanging above!  only $40 at Nook and Cranny here in Kansas City!


That is all for now, I will keep posting as we keep decorating!!  And probably come fall I will post a full photo tour of our home and property.  I hope you enjoyed because I sure enjoy finding all of these fun things to add to the warmth of our home!  God Bless and thanks for reading!!


About kimjoycephotography

I am a wife and mom in survival mode raising 4 kids, running a photography business, and homeschooling all on our 30 acre ranch!  God is good all the time, and we hope you enjoy our crazy life adventures <3
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