Mahaffie Farm wedding – Kansas City wedding photographer

Wedding at Mahaffie Farm – Loved shooting this beautiful wedding out at the Heritage Center in Olathe!  So many amazing details from Restoration Emporium down in the Westbottoms!  If you haven’t been down there, you have to check it out!!DSC_3698txt DSC_3710txt DSC_3746txt story DSC_3781txt DSC_3797txt DSC_3814txt DSC_3839txt DSC_3872txt DSC_3881txt DSC_3909txt story2 DSC_4075txt DSC_4112txt DSC_4140txt DSC_4153txt DSC_4185txt DSC_4206txt DSC_4197txt DSC_4249txt DSC_4847txt DSC_4769txt DSC_4877txt DSC_4889txt story5 DSC_4614txt DSC_4665txt DSC_4701txt DSC_4706txt DSC_4721txt DSC_4446txt DSC_4439txt story3 DSC_4460txt DSC_4466txt story4 DSC_5051txt DSC_5055txt DSC_5115txt DSC_5156txt DSC_5114txt




About kimjoycephotography

I am a wife and mom in survival mode raising 4 kids, running a photography business, and homeschooling all on our 30 acre ranch!  God is good all the time, and we hope you enjoy our crazy life adventures <3
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